Wheel Alignments for Trucks, Trailers & Buses

We are Ideal Tire E.A Limited

Ideal Tire E.A Limited  offers tire products and professional mobile wheel alignment services. We are located in Mombasa, Kenya.  We are mobile wheel alignment service company for commercial vehicles, in addition to, high-quality tires made for buses, trailers, light and heavy-duty trucks.

Our mission is to provide high quality products and efficient services to all our customers. Our competently skilled technician will diagnose your problem and offer you the most reliable solution promptly. You never have to worry about being stuck on the road again because we come to you.

Ideal Tire E.A Limited - Wheel Alignment for Trucks, Trailers & Buses

In 3 Quick Steps

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Call +254 750 591 234, email: info@idealtire.co.ke or fill-in the request form below to get started.

2. Team Dispatch

Experienced wheel alignment technician promptly arrive at the location of the vehicle that needs servicing and make their assessment.

3. Wheel Alignment

Correction is done using advanced machine with accuracy and precision measurement to ensure the axles are aligned and your truck operates safely and efficiently.

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Importance of Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is a vital part of vehicle maintenance. Alignment corrects the direction and angle that your tires are facing. When done properly it completely eliminates pulling off the vehicle to the left or right when it is moving in a straight line. Alignment can also reduce your fuel consumption and ensure your tires last longer. It is a quick and effective way of reducing your operating costs, therefore, it should be done regularly. 

Benefits of Wheel Alignment

Getting Alignment done for your vehicle by Ideal Tire E.A Limited will have several benefits.
  • Increase the tires life – Correct wheel alignment can add miles to your tires.
  • Saving yourself money – The longer your tire lasts, the less you spend to replace them
  • Better fuel economy – Accurate wheel alignment reduces drag and rolling resistance, lowering your fuel use.
  • Improved handling – Aligned wheels improve handling and eliminate problems such as pulling.

Quality Tires for Your Commercial Vehicle

Get your new high-performance tires from us at Ideal Tire E.A Limited. Coming from renowned brands, the tires are designed to withstand tough daily operating conditions; heavy loads, tough braking, and wear off fully-loaded trucks, trailers and buses. 

Tires for Trailers & Buses

Environmental Impact of Wheel alignment

Ideal Tire is committed to safeguarding climate change by mitigating in reduction of tires ending up in landfills. We are giving the tire a longer life cycle when it is aligned.